The art of spinning our history


Arte Najel provides the artisans an individual development to create their own destiny through their sensibility, intelligence and capacities, their unique being. An opportunity that had been denied t them.

Traditionally indigenous women suffer an educational setback, extreme poverty unhealthy conditions and malnourishment, besides suffering and intense gender discrimination.

Through Art Najel this women have valued their persona and work, through self esteem workshops. They have also been trained on basic math, alphabetization, project elaboration, fair trade and value formation workshops, amongst others. Thanks to this, the artisans know understand various administrative and technical terms related to administration and accounting. The give their opinions and make decisions.


The artisans have obtained better life conditions, that are reflected on their food, that has been enriched with economic resources that allow them to purchase more nutritious food at the local markets or downtown San Cristobal de las Casas.

The are now conscious of caring for their health, the now attend to field clinics, besides consulting the traditional healers from their community.

Children from the artisans know hve the possibility to attendto the education centers at their communities and have learned to read and write. The representatives are capable of understanding the financial statements of the Najel Cooperative.

The partner artisans at Najel have begun to modify their houses, know 60 % of them live in houses made out of firm floors and Steel sheet.