Ancestral art for todays world



The philosophy of Art Najel is the amalgamation of the ancestral and the modern. Receiving threads of the knitting of traditions and values of our culture and form with them, functional contemporary products.


Craftswomen work to maintain their ancestral traditions as the waist loom, the dying of fabrics, the spinning of wool threads, the prehispanic traces and the manage of colors, applying modern techniques when the traditional process allows.

Gabriela and Ricardo had a lot to do with the current organization, as Gabriela tells us: “I am a fashion designer , I started designing products with what they knew how to do, with their techniques, their beautiful works applied to diverse products that had to be functional and adequate to the.

consumers demand, because they generally made the same product of the same size and colors in a community, then imagine 50 craftswomen making the same thing, it was very difficult to sell that way.